C3's health capacity improvement project is within a Ministry of Health government referral hospital for the county (state) of Grand Cape Mount with a population of roughly 135,000 people. All services are free in this resource poor environment where staff and supplies are in need and the fishing village, Robertsport is off the grid with no running water, sewage, or electricity except by generator. 

The 40 bed hospital has inpatient and outpatient services with the only surgical services being emergent C-sections due to lack of proper anesthesia, etc. The volume is not high but the acuity and pathology is, with a high under five year old mortality rate. There are three local Physician Assistants who are supervised by local physician who is the director of the hospital. Nurses work one of three eight hour shifts. All local staff live on the hospital grounds.

Conditions are tough to work in, morale of the local staff can be low due to delays in salary payments, supply chain is always a mess, and occasionally theft of hospital supplies occurs. However, the staff are willing to learn and improve.

The town is on the coast with five surf breaks, miles of beautiful beaches, fresh fish from the fisherman daily and a great community that is happy we are there making for a good stress reliever and/or combination with a vacation.

C3 has been sending medical providers since 2011 and the MoH has provided us with a three bedroom house that is concrete, with screened in windows and doors, western toilet (but no running water), bucket showers, propane stove, electricity from hospital generator at night, house cleaner, and occasional cook. One can easily walk to the hospital, beach, and center of town.

Midlevel and physician volunteers are expected to Monday-Friday to round with the local team at the start of the day then see patients in the clinic. On call duty is expected twice a week. For every 4 weeks, one full weekend call is expected as well. Nurse volunteer would round with the team in the am then create a schedule in which one can be involved with sign outs between two of the three shifts a day.


  •  Prior developing world clinical experience
  • Health Insurance Coverage in your home country for your entire stay in Liberia
  • Travel Health Insurance Coverage for your entire stay in Liberia
  • Signature of Liability Release Form
  • Signature of No Motorcycle Riding/Taxi while in Liberia Form 

Costs Which Are Covered:

  • Liberian Visa
  • Liberian Clinical Temporary License/Permit
  • Transportation
  • Housing (your own private bedroom)
  • Water Delivery
  • Propane
  • Food
  • Cook (6 dinners a week)
  • House Cleaner 


Bonuses and Incentives (1 month = 4 weeks)

Airfare reimbursement (max of $1800 or % whichever less)

  • Students, Residents, – 100%
  • Returning Volunteer – 100%
  • Nurse, NP, PA, Fellows – 75%
  • MD, Dentist – 50%


Monthly Stipends

1st month - $0

2nd Month - $50/5th wk,  $100/6th wk,  $200/7th wk , $300/8th wk($650/mo)

3rd Month - $400/wk ($1600/mo)

4th Month - $500/wk ($2000/mo)

5th Month - $600 ($2400/mo)

6th Month and beyond - $700/wk ($2800/mo)

if complete 3 months: plane ticket balance up to $1800 total in plane funds

if complete 4 months: travel insurance up to $100/mo from start to end

if complete 5 months: general health insurance up to $250/mo from start to end

if complete 6 months: retro “stipend” of $700/wk from start of gig to end


Costs Not Covered:

  • Remaining balance of airfare not covered above
  • Any change fees of your airfare
  • Food while in the capital of Monrovia 
  • Cellphone minutes for your local phone
  • Internet minutes for 3G USB hardware for local internet usage