CEO and Founder of Cross Cultural Care org, Dr. Robert Charles Montana III


Cross Cultural Care (C3) was founded in 2011 by Dr. Robert Charles Montana III, an American Emergency Medicine physician who has spent more than a decade working in Alaska as an ER doctor for a few months and volunteering the rest of the year in natural disasters, refugee camps, war zones and humanitarian medical missions. Among others, he has been part of humanitarian medical teams in Siria, Palestine, Philippines, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti, Katrina, India and Liberia. In India, He saw the value of training, mentoring, and encouraging growth of skills as a more effective strategy toward lasting change and to improve health care access in places such as his India clinic site, where staff clearly needed education and support to ameliorate their practice and empower them to save the lives of their own people. Over the next two years, Dr. Montana created such capacity, building pairing opportunities for that clinic in India.

While volunteering in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, Dr. Montana had the opportunity of witnessing the devastating consequences that 14 years of civil war had left behind. The country's infrastructure and human resources had been decimated; there were less than 50 trained doctors to address staggering health care needs for a population of over 3.5 million. Dr. Montana then, identified a 40 bed government referral hospital that was intended to provide free services to people living in the marginalized north western part of the country. When Dr. Montana visited this hospital, located in a town called Robertsport, he found that there was no dedicated physician and only one mid level provider for a population of 130,000. Therefore, in March 2011, C3 began assisting this hospital by sending doctors, nurses, and mid levels to come for four weeks or more at a time to assist in training and taking care of the local population. C3 entered into a formal partnership with the Ministry of Health (MoH) of Liberia to provide these services in return for free housing.

Today, Cross Cultural Care has expanded to create Full tuition Healthcare academic students, and has created a new branch for Teaching Education.



Our Volunteers healthcare providers work next to local doctors and nurses to mentor and boost their knowledge, capabilities, skills, empowering their passion to serve their own community.